General Information

The Program Committee invites proposals for workshops, to be held at KI-2002. The workshops are intended to offer the opportunity for the in-depth discussion of specific topics and the informal exchange of novel ideas in an inspiring atmosphere. Workshop proposals from all subfields of Artificial Intelligence are invited. Proposals reflecting the special focus of KI-2002 - multiagent systems, semantic web, and knowledge discovery - are particularly encouraged.

Workshops may be held in German or English. Workshop organizers may limit the number of participants. Hard copies of the working notes will be made available at the main conference. To cover costs, these hard copies will be charged in addition to the main conference registration fee. Workshop organizers should also consider the possibility to electronically publish their working notes. Note that workshop participants and organizers must register for the main conference.

Proposal Submission

Anyone wishing to organize a workshop is asked to email a proposal (in plain text format and up to three pages) not later than January 31, 2002, to the Workshop Chair. Proposals should provide the following information:
  • TITLE of the proposed workshop.
  • Description of the workshop CONTENTS (the issues on which it concentrates, its main goals, its relevance, and its target audience).
  • Description of workshop FORMAT (plans for the workshop agenda, intended workshop length - typically half-day or full-day -, and planned events such as invited talks, panels and discussion forums).
  • Description of the workshop ORGANIZATION (organizational schedule, plans for encouraging submissions and selecting papers, strategies for recruiting participants, and other ideas on how to increase the workshop's attractiveness).
  • Full contact address of the PRIMARY WORKSHOP ORGANIZER (name, email address, postal address, phone number, and fax number).
  • Members of the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, if available (names, email addresses, and postal addresses).


The organizers of each accepted workshop will be responsible for following:
  • Producing and distributing a Call for Participation for their workshop. This call must make clear that all participants are required to register for the main conference.
  • Reviewing papers submitted to their workshop and deciding on acceptance.
  • Providing two complete copy-ready copies of the working notes (each less than 100 pages).
  • Providing a list of audio-visual requirements and room requirements.

The KI-2002 organizers will handle the following
  • Announcement of the workshop program as a whole.
  • Registration of workshop participants.
  • Provision of rooms and presentation equipment.
  • Duplication of the working notes.

Important Workshop Deadlines at a Glance

Workshop proposals January 31, 2002
Notification February 28, 2002
Call for participation March 17, 2002
Copy of working notes July 31, 2002 (tendatively)
List of requirements July 31, 2002 (tendatively)
Workshop dates Sept 16-20, 2002

Contact Point

Please send any questions concerning the workshops to the Workshop Chair:

Gerhard Weiss
Institut fuer Informatik
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
D-80290 Muenchen
TEL: (089)2892-2606
FAX: (089)2892-8207
Gerhard Weiss