Author Instructions

Formatting Instructions :

Final versions of papers accepted for publication in the KI-2002 proceedings must satisfy the following requirements:
  • At most 15 pages length.
  • Conformance to the Springer LNCS style.
    Information on how to generate documents conforming to this style can be found on the Springer web pages.
We strongly encourage the use of LaTeX for the preparation of the final versions. Though the use of other text systems is discouraged, we accept documents prepared with Microsoft Word (see the Springer web pages for instructions). Documents prepared with other text processing systems cannot be accepted.

If you have any problems with the preparation of your document, please contact the KI-2002 organizers.

How to Submit :

Authors must fill in and sign the Springer copyright form and fax it to +49 241 80 22321. Moreover, the following files must be sent (preferably a single gzip'ed tar-file as a standard mail attachment) to
  • If you use LaTeX:
    The self-contained TeX source files used in the preparation of your document. Furthermore, we need a postscript version of your document (PDF is not accepted!).
  • If you use Microsoft Word:
    The .doc source files, an RTF version, and a postscript version of your document.
The copyright form and the required files must be received by June 25, 2002. This deadline is strict! Papers that do not arrive in time cannot be included in the proceedings.